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Agile HR

Innovate Yourself Track - Saturday -- Agile HR represents a new, emerging way for HR to partner with their leaders and people. The paradigm is shifting from one of controls and standards to a new level of engagement – one that focuses on the facilitation and improvement of organizational agility. This means helping to build and drive programs that create adaptability, foster innovation, provide transparency, and inspire collaboration.

Leigh Ann Shaffner

VP, HR Strategy, Comcast Technology + Product

Future Proofing: Designing for the Unknown Needs of a New Audience

Trends in Technology track - Saturday -- Today’s consumer expects to be served simple, easy to digest content at lightning speed in the palm of their hand. Product designers are often tasked with the difficult decision of weighing pretty versus functional. As we look to the future, we have to consider how cultural shifts, technological advances and the growing desire for immediacy are influencing the future of design. Products that resonate more deeply with an audience ultimately drive engagement; this requires a deep understanding of user behavior and a holistic approach that takes inspiration from real people. In this session

Catherine Ulrich

Chief Product Officer - Shutterstock

Staying a Woman in Tech

Innovate Yourself track - Saturday -- Getting into the tech industry is one thing, but staying is quite another. Many articles have been written about women leaving the tech field because of “a hostile culture, a sense of isolation or lack of a clear career path” (see http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-women-tech-20150222-story.html). In this panel we’ll talk with a few professionals in the tech field who are speaking from different times in their career path and find out how they managed to stick with the tech industry.

Erin Mullaney

Web Developer, Caktus Group

Tracey Welson-Rossman

CMO, Chariot Solutions; Founder, TechGirlz; Co-Founder, Women in Tech Summit

STEM Reentry Internships, IT Return-to-Work Success Stories, and Steps to Take NOW if you anticipate a future career break

Innovate Yourself track - Saturday -- Anticipating a Career Break?  Learn what you can do NOW to best position yourself when you return Wondering how returning IT professionals dealt with skills and knowledge obsolescence? Hear real case studies about how IT professionals returned to work after years away Are you an employer thinking about how to engage with return-to-work STEM professionals? Get the latest on the effectiveness of tech return to work programs at IBM, GM and more.  Career reentry expert Carol Fishman Cohen's resource-driven, actionable, information filled presentation is the best way to get informed on the latest thinking in career

Carol Fishman Cohen

Co-Founder and CEO, iRelaunch

Successful Remote Collaboration

Trends in Technology track - Saturday -- Remote work in the tech industry is hardly new. Many companies provide flexible work from home policies or even full time remote positions. Even for office-bound professionals, we all collaborate with remote third parties at some point. When I started my first remote position I was surprised to find that many challenges didn’t have obvious solutions. As a team we need to learn, envision, plan, build, deploy, and triage together. As an individual I need to learn from, mentor, and build personal relationships with my colleagues. That’s not easy to do over the phone, slack, and video chat. I’d like to

Audrey Troutt

Software Development Manager, Tune

The 4 People You Need on Your Personal Board of Directors

Innovate Yourself Track - Saturday -- Corporate America has been built to support men via an informal network. What is the core team that women need to help them advance in their career? Today the game is stacked a bit against us. The “old boys network” is still the way that many things get done in organizations. So as women we need to create our own support networks in order to succeed and feel fulfilled in our careers.

Cristina Greysman

Sr. Director, Partner Experience, Sungard Availability Services

The Confidence Effect – Strategies to Increase Your Confidence and Attract More Success

KEYNOTE -- This workshop is based on Grace’s belief that women need to be the CEO’s of their own lives and careers. It’s our responsibility to break through the limiting behaviors and beliefs which may keep us from getting ot the next level. Based on her bestselling book “The Confidence Effect”, this workshop will help women to identify areas for improvement and learn to speak out, take risks and move toward assuming leadership positions with assurance. While Grace shares the research and statistics around women’s lack of professional advancement, she moves beyond the data to focus on what’s really important:

Grace Killelea

Founder & CEO

The New Face in Engineering

Trends in Technology - Saturday -- By the year 2020, there will be more than 50B connected devices and 212B sensors. Everything from the apparel and accessories that we wear to our environmental surroundings such as our homes and cars will be smarter and more connected.  With this rise, product development will require engineers to be both left and right brain. As a result, a new engineer is emerging - one that marries the hard skills in engineering with the creative skills needed to turn wearables into wantables. This blended skill set will provide a unique opportunity for women to

Sandra Lopez

Vice President, New Technology Group, New Devices Group Intel

Wait! Is that dream job really a nightmare?

You found the perfect job! The one you've always wanted. You asked the usual questions related to salary, location, and benefits. But wait! There are deeper questions that you must ask your prospective boss and company and YOURSELF! Let's explore those questions to find out if that job is one in which your day to day happiness and professional journey will flourish.

Kimberly Gress

Founder, C2O Advisors

What Technical Managers Really Look For

Friday Hands-on Workshop / Saturday Hands-on Workshop -- This workshop will include a resume review and tips on preparing your resume and LinkedIn profiles to get the attention of technical hiring managers.

When Things Break: Managing A Crisis

It’s inevitable - every job has its share of crises and when you are working in a technology field, the implications of operational failures are far-reaching and can have serious impacts on your company’s bottom line, reputation and customer relationships. Even with the most comprehensive disaster and recovery plans, crises can occur due to unforeseen events. Join us for a lively discussion on how to skillfully navigate and prepare for a crisis. There will be plenty of time for questions and answers. We will cover topics such as: Deploying the technical team to solve the problem quickly and effectively Communication

Deirdre Woods

Principal, Deirdre Woods Technology Advisors

Sarah Toms

IT Technical Director