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Kelly Hoey

Author and Investor

Developing Software is a Team Sport

Trends in Technology Track -- When you think of a developer what comes to mind? A brogrammer living in San Francisco working 23 hours a day on the next Facebook? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. Like so many industries, software development is rife with stereotypes. And one that is particularly pervasive is the idea that all developers, if given the chance, would opt for a complete rewrite of an application. While it’s true that there are many software developers who do enjoy starting with a clean slate, there is also a group who loves working on making existing applications

Andrea Goulet

CEO, Corgibytes

Getting intimate with JavaScript: a deep dive into the nuances and the latest updates

HANDS-ON WORKSHOP -  Overview: This talk will help beginners and intermediate developers (with or without JavaScript experience) level up their JavaScript abilities by discussing some of the nuances that make JavaScript difficult to master. Topics that will be covered are: atypical data types, the concept of “this”, scope as well as changes made in the latest update to the language called ES6. This presentation will review several critical JS concepts and teach attendees via examples and conversational Q&A throughout the workshop. Key Takeaways: Diving into the tricky parts of JavaScript Null vs Undefined Data Types Understanding ‘this’ in JS Up

Jenise Araujo

Associate Software Engineer, Priceline.com

Herding Cats: Effective Decision Making Across Large Cross-Functional Groups

When working on a client project, you are often faced with many different departments or teams representing various functions that create the challenges in their operational framework. In order to effectively create a cross-functional solution-set that is customized to the needs of your client, you need to be able to identify the discrepancies, bridge the gaps, and enforce adoption across these subdivisions in order for the end result to be a success. Working across many projects of the like, I have developed some key skills and steps into herding the cats and ridding the siloed processes put into place.

Heather White

Senior Director, Client Delivery - ForeFront

Making Snowflakes: Using the agile model to iterate and build products

HANDS-ON WORKSHOP - The purpose of this workshop is to (1) expose participants to the fundamental principles of agile, and to (2) get a feel for the value of rapid feedback and iteration. Review the key components of agile: quick iteration, rapid prototyping, building features that add value and soliciting client feedback Key takeaways: Agile = incremental development Integrate as you go Continuously deliver value to the end user Collaboration is more valuable than being a hero Customer feedback is more valuable than product intuition Ask the right questions at the right time to get product feedback  

Mary Rocheleau

Product Manager, PatientsLikeMe

Mapping Your Unique Personal Brand: Stand Up to Stand Out

Innovate Yourself Track -- “A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room” – Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon What is common to a leader, a manager, a new recruit and an entrepreneur? Yes, you got it right. The common link is personal branding. Branding no longer relates solely to companies. In fact, today, every person has their own personal brand and it is up to each individual to cultivate, grow and protect their personal brand. Making a strong and favorable impression in business is far more than following a list of do’s and don’ts. 

Kathryn Rose

Senior Advisor, Achieve Unite

Paige Arnof-Fenn

Founder & CEO, Mavens & Moguls

No Excuses – How to Get Yourself on Stage

Innovate Yourself Track -- Are you tired of sitting through yet another DAMP (Dreaded All Male Panel)? Your story will never be heard sitting in the audience. Being onstage is powerful but the issue with many women is that they don’t know how to get there. Join us as Bobbie Carlton, Founder of Innovation Women, a company that connects women with event managers looking for speakers, gives you the tools you need to get onstage, be heard, and be paid to speak!

Bobbie Carlton

Founder, Innovation Nights, Innovation Women & Carlton PR & Marketing

Staying a Woman in Tech

Innovate Yourself Track — Getting into the tech industry is one thing, but staying is quite another. Many articles have been written about women leaving the tech field because of “a hostile culture, a sense of isolation or lack of a clear career path” (see http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-women-tech-20150222-story.html). In this panel we’ll talk with a few professionals in the tech field who are speaking from different times in their career path and find out how they managed to stick with the tech industry.

Tracey Welson-Rossman

CMO, Chariot Solutions; Founder, TechGirlz; Co-Founder, Women in Tech Summit

Andrea Goulet

CEO, Corgibytes

Felicite Moorman

CEO at BuLogics, Inc. & StratIS IoT

The Path to Smart Cities and the IoT Roadmap

Moorman purports that there are no smart cities today, despite the hype. Moorman breaks through the myths and defines what is smart: the search for smarter and smartest as an ecosystem of a city. From this truth Moorman explores the path to actually creating smart(er) cities, from citizen engagement to technological adoption and adoption based on the three A's of smart cities engagement.

Felicite Moorman

CEO at BuLogics, Inc. & StratIS IoT

What’s the deal with containers? Intro to Docker

HANDS-ON WORKSHOP - Topics like infrastructure as code and CI/CD are really popular for large enterprises and even some startups as they scale up. However, it's really hard for individual programmers to be exposed to these technologies and strategies and understand why they matter so much. This will be an introductory workshop on one of the container solutions, Docker.  This workshop will introduce what the idea of containerization is and then lead the group through an exercise to build a docker container (writing your own Dockerfile) and push it to the dockyard. It will also show attendees how to pull images

Jiaqi Liu

Software Engineer, Button

Keira Zhou

Data Engineer, Capital One