Applied Design Thinking – Job-To-Be-Done and Journey Mapping

Hands-on Workshop -  You are sold on the idea of Design Thinking. It ensures that teams build solutions focused on meeting the emotional and functional needs of the person at the center, resulting in innovative products that provide deeper value to users. But how do you apply this theoretical model to your work? This applied workshop uses the job-to-be-done approach to journey mapping to design a solution. Outcomes include: Ability to use the job-to-be-done methodology in your solution design Understand how to engage your team in human-centered design Tools that enable you to iteratively improve your solutions to provide deeper

Kristann Orton

CEO & Founder - Inceodia, LLC

Building a (Virtual) Sandbox: Hands-On Workshop

Hands-on Workshop -  New technologies seem to be released on a weekly basis. Just when you've mastered one set of syntax and dependencies, something newer hits the scene. Online demos are fine for understanding the basics, but having the software installed locally allows you to experiment more fully. Having multiple versions allows you to compare features. You'll run out of disk space quickly unless you figure out how to move some of these experiments off your laptop. In this hands-on workshop, we will install VirtualBox, Docker, and Ansible -- all free and open-source technologies -- on your laptop, and then

Valerie Parham-Thompson

Lead Database Consultant, Pythian

Change or Be Changed: New Learning for New IT Talent Transformation

Given the accelerated impact of technology, today’s workforce appears dated, with skills tuned to technology that is already antiquated. This talent challenge creates one of the greatest obstacles to business transformation. In fact, while nearly 80 percent of business leaders expect their organizations to be digital by 2020, half of these leaders don’t believe they have a digitally skilled workforce. Accenture has undertaken a complete talent transformation, reskilling a quarter of a million of our technology employees. This session will share Accenture’s strategic five-step methodology used to make massive initiative happen with speed and at scale, while also committing to

Miranda L. Mason

Technology Managing Director, Accenture

Connecting the world of APIs with JavaScript

Hands-on Workshop - This hand-on workshop would introduce the audience to REST APIs and AJAX/jQuery. We would walk through how to incorporate AJAX calls into a JavaScript based application. Once the basics have been covered, we would use common tools that have publicly available APIs, such as Google Maps or Slack, to incorporate external data into their Javascript front-end. We would work through developing proper error message handling for bad calls and responses and how to debug them. I would also introduce how to manipulate your DOM with positive API responses and restructuring response data to fit your needs. Attendees

Meredith Hassett

Developer Evangelist, SAP

Creatives in Technology: How Right Brain Thinkers Make a Big Impact in Technical Teams

Innovate Yourself track -  The technology industry has become one of the largest employers for millennials. But college graduates are coming from a range of non-tech related fields such as English, Anthropology, and Business. This leaves a gap in the type of education one receives, and where the well paying, exciting jobs are. Some with a non-technical degree might think they’ve missed the boat, or that since they don’t know how to “code”, they can’t find a spot at an innovative start up. But in my experience, there’s a place for these non technical types if you know how to

Amanda Conrad

Director of Product Management, true[X]

Did I Do That? People Data Problems and Their Ramifications

Trends in Technology track -  Over the past years, there has been an increase in attempts to quantify and predict all parts of human behavior. With the rise in analytics comes increased attention – and increased errors. This talk uses recent examples from politics, healthcare, and market research to discuss people data analytics problems. It will identify frequent people data errors, how to identify and correct these, and the impacts of not addresses these errors.

Morgana Carter

Data Scientist, Intel

Future-Proofing Your Tech Architecture: Scaling for Explosive Growth

Rapidly growing startups and growth stage companies must architect their systems and architecture to prepare for future growth that can come unexpectedly.  In this session, SendGrid VP of Engineering Sha Ma will discuss the latest trends related to how tech companies scale for future growth.   Attendees will learn about technology and IT planning strategies that work and drive customer benefits including reliability and increased uptime.   More specifically, attendees will come away from this session knowing: How to deploy microservices to increase redundancy How to use distributed systems to scale

Sha Ma

VP of Software Engineering, SendGrid

Introduction to Design Thinking

Hands-on Workshop -  Design Thinking has the power to change how you see the world. It enables you and your team to tackle even the toughest business challenges by viewing opportunities from your customer’s perspective, outside-in. An organization that embraces design thinking at the heart of its culture is one that continues to innovate and deliver value to its customers. And it’s not just for tech people; it works for business practices as well. Outcomes include: Understanding of why design thinking is different than the traditional business approach to building solutions Understanding of the tools of design thinking, and how

Kristann Orton

CEO & Founder - Inceodia, LLC

Leadership for Non-Managers

Innovate Yourself track -  Not everyone who wants to grow in their career wishes to manage people. “Makers” have to actively push back against that — if you’re good at what you do and stay in the game long enough, sooner or later you’ll find yourself managing people instead of doing the thing you’re truly passionate about, whether that’s coding, designing, writing, etc. Too many professionals let that happen to them because that’s what growth looks like, not because that’s what they’re truly interested in. But neither do people want to stagnate in their careers — so how do you become

Emily Triplett Lentz

Blog Editor & Content Strategist, Help Scout

Livestreaming – Don’t Get Left in the Pond

Hands-on Workshop -  Livestreaming has been around for a while but like the Internet - it's ramping up fast. We are past the age of 'Innovators' and are in the 'Early Adopters' stage. This session will show you how to get started in Livestreaming - it's easy to push a button, but the rest of it - Engagement, Camera placement, Lighting, dealing with Internet trolls - can mean the difference between looking like a professional or an amateur. The audience would leave with the tools they would need to start broadcasting if not immediately, but very soon after the workshop.

Yvonne Totty

Senior Programmer, Alorica

Remote working: Swings & roundabouts

Innovate Yourself track -  Remote teams, when built right and maintained well, are a wonderful unicorn of trust, freedom, and creative productivity. However, in pursuing this unicorn, it’s difficult to remember that working remotely is incredibly difficult— professionally, psychologically, and personally. It affects everyone differently, and requires a surprising amount of openness and trust from top to bottom. Leading and ensuring the success of these teams isn't easy, and the requirements change from team-to-team. This talk will... - dispel some myths around remote teams and collaborating remotely - describe the psychological and mental-health impacts (both good and bad) of working

Ivana McConnell

Sr. UI/UX Designer, @customerIO

Staying a Woman in Tech

Innovate Yourself Track — Getting into the tech industry is one thing, but staying is quite another. Many articles have been written about women leaving the tech field because of “a hostile culture, a sense of isolation or lack of a clear career path” (see In this panel we’ll talk with a few professionals in the tech field who are speaking from different times in their career path and find out how they managed to stick with the tech industry.

Natalie Makowka

Executive Director, Application Development, Comcast

Marnie Pflueger

Sr. Director, Service Delivery, Comcast

Debra Turner-Kelly

Business Solutions Manager, AT&T

Liz Caffery

Functional Architect, Application Development, Comcast

The New Front End Fundamentals

Trends in Technology track -  In the past three years, the way we write JavaScript has drastically changed. The language's new features are impressive, yet many experienced developers struggle to use them to their fullest advantage. As the front-end landscape continues to evolve, well-rounded developers are expected to know more than just the fundamentals of the language. For developers learning JavaScript for the first time, it is even more difficult. So how can we support new developers as they learn not only JavaScript fundamentals, but everything else they need to make good websites in 2017 and beyond? How do we

Whitney Williams

Front End Developer, The Home Depot

The Ship! Culture – The secret behind our continuous success in shipping an award winning enterprise mobile app

Trends in Technology track -  What does it take to build an award winning mobile app that serves millions of customers? Coding is core. But there are other important pieces of puzzle that have to come together in order to ship the product to customers frequently, reliably and with quality. This talk shares what we have learned through building, running and growing our enterprise mobile platform.  

Stacey Yan

Senior Manager, Mobile Delivery Lead, Capital One

Why We Need Your Point of View of the coming AI Revolution

Trends in Technology track — Google’s CEO thinks the future is AI, but if you look at the field it’s notably absent of women. We’ll go over the implications (3) and what we can collectively do about it (7 actions to take today). There will be short scenario exercises to illustrate the implications with audience participation. We will leave time at end for Q&A.

Jenn Hirsch

Global Technology Trend Scout, Ernst and Young