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Building a (Virtual) Sandbox: Hands-On Workshop

Hands-on Workshop –  New technologies seem to be released on a weekly basis. Just when you’ve mastered one set of syntax and dependencies, something newer hits the scene. Online demos are fine for understanding the basics, but having the software installed locally allows you to experiment more fully. Having multiple versions allows you to compare features. You’ll run out of disk space quickly unless you figure out how to move some of these experiments off your laptop. In this hands-on workshop, we will install VirtualBox, Docker, and Ansible — all free and open-source technologies — on your laptop, and then

Valerie Parham-Thompson

Lead Database Consultant, Pythian

Building Successful Teams Through Internal Mentoring and Training – A Spoonflower Case Study

Innovate Yourself Track - The achievement of Spoonflower's growth targets rely heavily on the energy and engagement of our employees. Spoonflower has a strong culture based on a shared passion for the DIY ethos, our customers and our products. Many of our employees are makers and designers themselves and provide a critical link to understanding our customer needs. Developing and promoting our internal makes tremendous sense and pays a return on the investment over and over again. This panel will present a case study of how Spoonflower is tackling the issue of a shortage of candidates qualified in the specific technologies

Kelly Walsh

Director, Site Engineering, Spoonflower

Anjana Mohanty

Director, Finished Goods, Spoonflower

Katie Allen

Web Developer, Spoonflower

Marlo Wilcox

VP, Human Resources, Spoonflower

Design Innovative Mobility Systems

In sociology, a “tipping point” describes a point in time when a group—or a large number of group members—rapidly and dramatically changes its behavior by widely adopting a previously new practice and when such a change has begun, it may have a self-sustaining momentum. Our “tipping point” within transportation is now. With widespread adoption of mobile technologies by consumers and the emergence of new business models, think Netflix, AirBnB, and Lyft, the ways in which people interact and move around in our world have been forever altered. If public transportation organizations fail to embrace these changes then our role in

Lenae Boykin Storey

Lead Product Owner, TransLoc

Developing Software is a Team Sport

Innovate Yourself track - When you think of a developer what comes to mind? A brogrammer living in San Francisco working 23 hours a day on the next Facebook? If so, you wouldn’t be alone. Like so many industries, software development is rife with stereotypes. And one that is particularly pervasive is the idea that all developers, if given the chance, would opt for a complete rewrite of an application. While it’s true that there are many software developers who do enjoy starting with a clean slate, there is also a group who loves working on making existing applications better.

Andrea Goulet

Co-Founder & CEO, Corgibytes

DevOps: What’s all the hype about?

Trends in Technology track — Is DevOps the latest tech temporary buzz word or is it a permanent change in the way technology teams deliver for their customer?  The answer will be discussed in this session.  If you merge traditional application development teams with the highly complex operations side of technology a beautiful thing could be born if executed correctly.  DevOps impacts not only technology and process, but the people doing the work.  This session will provide an overview of DevOps and how to ensure your organization is prepared for the journey.

Tia White

Sr. Technology Manager, Capital One

From Fountain Pen to Cloud: MetLife’s 149 year partnership with technology

Trends in Technology Track - Join Julie Burkett to explore how a Fortune 40 company leveraged microservices, containers, and cloud to accelerate their Digital Transformation.  Together, you’ll examine the evolution from legacy applications and infrastructure to modern technologies and take a look beyond the horizon.

Julie Burkett

Principal Engineer, Solutions Engineering, MetLife

Intro to React.JS

Hands-on Workshop -  This talk will be a beginners' guide to using React. Q&A will be allowed throughout the session, which should be highly interactive. NOTE: THIS WORKSHOP WILL REQUIRE DOWNLOADING OF PROJECTS FROM GITHUB PRIOR TO THE START OF THE WORKSHOP. Radha De will show off a site that she and my teammates and built for The Washington Post's internal use, which utilized React on top of Keystone and Mongo. She will explain why they chose to use React over some of the other frameworks we were considering, including Angular. There will be a starter project available on Github (to

Radharani De

Developer, The Washington Post

Introduction to Functional Programming

Hands-on Workshop - Come to this workshop to learn the basics of functional programming and to try out a variety of functional programming languages. This workshop is great for anyone with basic coding skills. No previous coding language experience is required!

Emily Seibert

Software Developer, Territory Foods

Mind the Gap – The Funding Gap That Is

Innovate Yourself Track - It’s no secret that women-led technology companies only receive 2-6% share of venture capital funding. It’s also no secret that research shows businesses with higher numbers of women in leadership positions consistently outperform their peers. So why the gap? What’s being done to close it? Join us for a panel discussion as we learn –what works and what doesn’t - from successfully funded females in our region. We’ll also get a VC perspective on why the gap persists and how we can address it.

Concetta Rand

Chief Revenue Officer, iFundWomen

Elaine Bolle

Board Director and Past President, RTP Capital

Ursula Mead

CEO and Co-Founder, InHerSight

Jesica Averhart

Executive Director, Leadership Triangle

Mrs. Curie Makes a Discovery: Editing Wikipedia for Women in History

Hands-on Workshop - Through real examples such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Anita Newcomb McGee, the contributions of women throughout history will be reviewed through the lens of their original representation on Wikipedia, and the updated representation. This includes; ensuring the women are mentioned by appropriate names, rather than by their husband’s; referred to by their title, not by their family’s stature; and including professional photographs. The workshop covers how to begin editing and build ones confidence. By de-mystifying the editing process, attendees will feel confident editing entries in the future. They will leave with a call to action that

Sarah Anderson

Web & Communications Manager, National Archives and Records Administration

Outside the Screen: Multimodal UX

Trends in Technology Track - With all the talk about brain-machine interfaces and voice assistants, digital designers have a major opportunity to think bigger. How can speech, voice, or other emerging technologies fit into your design? In this talk, I'll explore the concept of 'multimodal UX' — a design methodology that brings focus to the 'moments between interactions. Expect to walk away with strategic guidance and tactics tidbits to help your projects take advantage of the multimodal wave.

Meghan Macera

Product Designer, WillowTree, Inc.

The Bots are on the Rise and How You Can Make Them Soar

Trends in Technology track - Chatbots are all the rage lately. They can help provide answers to questions, do routine tasks for customers, and can be taught to do more advanced “logical” work. With all this automation, one might think “Will I ever speak to a human again?” and “Where do I fit in to this bot takeover?”. In this session, we will provide an introduction to artificial intelligence and chatbots. We will cover when and when not to bot and what makes a good chatbot user experience to ensure your customers always feel that “human” touch leveraging things like

LaBrina Loving

Cloud Solution Architect for State and Local Government, Microsoft

The Path to Smart Cities and the IoT Roadmap

Trends in Technology Track - Braddock purports that there are no smart cities today, despite the hype. Braddock breaks through the myths and defines what is smart: the search for smarter and smartest as an ecosystem of a city. From this truth Braddock explores the path to actually creating smart(er) cities, from citizen engagement to technological adoption and adoption based on the three A's of smart cities engagement.

Adelaide Braddock

Vice President of Business Development, StratIS IoT

Using Design Thinking to Improve Solution Outcomes

Innovate Yourself track - Design Thinking improves the ability to create innovative products and solutions for users and customers, by framing the deliverables around the things people value. This talk will cover the components of the Design Thinking framework and how feedback early and often can help improve deliverables.  Expected outcomes include a high-level understanding of the process, necessary components for success, and how this framework compliments Agile software development. Kenya Oduor will share lessons learned from implementing these new processes and how they changed the way teams think and work.

Kenya Oduor

Managing Partner, Lean Geeks

UX, UXD, UED, and Other Confusing Acronyms

Hands-on Workshop - This workshop will introduce different aspects of the current design world, explaining the differences and similarities between all those confusing acronyms that are often associated with these roles. The workshop will also be hands on, introducing user experience design through design thinking and other collaborative activities that UX designers might do on a given day.

Lexi Namer

UI Design Instructor, The Iron Yard