Intro to React.JS

Intro to React.JS

Hands-on Workshop – 

This talk will be a beginners’ guide to using React. Q&A will be allowed throughout the session, which should be highly interactive. NOTE: THIS WORKSHOP WILL REQUIRE DOWNLOADING OF PROJECTS FROM GITHUB PRIOR TO THE START OF THE WORKSHOP.

Radha De will show off a site that she and my teammates and built for The Washington Post’s internal use, which utilized React on top of Keystone and Mongo. She will explain why they chose to use React over some of the other frameworks we were considering, including Angular.

There will be a starter project available on Github (to be built) in React for everyone to fork and work with. Radha will guide the group through making a few changes, then provide a small assignment for them to code on their own. At the end of the exercise, you will go through a sample solution and then explore ways in which the project can be further expanded.

Time permitting, the workshop will build a similar page using Angular and show the differences in the code (this will be available on Github for participants to download if they wish, but working on it will not be part of the session).

Radharani De

Developer, The Washington Post