Anjana Mohanty

Anjana began her career at Shoeboxed, a software company specializing in digitizing receipt management and bookkeeping needs with modern applications. Over the course of her five-year tenure she wore many different hats, ascending to three years as VP, Product. In that role Anjana was responsible for leading the Shoeboxed product strategy: ideation, validation, and execution of all new feature development and optimization. Additionally, she directly managed an international, cross-platform engineering team consisting of 12 developers across 4 time zones.

In November 2015, Anjana joined Spoonflower to lead the company’s expansion into finished goods, e.g finished apparel, home decor, etc. This department is comprised of two sister brands: Roostery Home Decor and Sprout Patterns, both of which are being developed and led under the umbrella of Finished Goods.

Anjana is an Agile evangelist passionate about:

–  building high-trust organizations

–  rapid iteration and product development

–  automation and scalable solutions

–  advocating for the user at all times