Marlo Wilcox

Marlo Wilcox started her tenure at Spoonflower in 2015 and is excited to have joined during a time of extraordinary growth and change. Marlo has a Master;s degree in Human Resources Management from Stevens Institute of Technology and a BA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Hofstra University. Marlo has been engaged in professional human resources management and business support for over 20 years, the first ten at BASF Corporation. The last 12 years Marlo’s time has been spent in tech companies in varying industries. Prior to Spoonflower, Marlo was the Global Head of HR for Sony Ericsson and Director of HR at Wavecom, Inc., a French M2M technology company.

Marlo has lived in Durham since 1994 and currently lives with her husband, Dirk, her kids Sophie (13) and Sam (10) and the family’s four cats.