Southeast Speakers 2018

Southeast Conference


Morgan Berman

CEO, Milkcrate

(@morganbermanAfter almost a decade in the non-profit world of women’s health, Morgan embarked on a new journey by enrolling in a Masters of Science in Sustainable Design. This program unwittingly sent her head first into the tech startup scene when she decided to design an app for her graduate thesis. Read More >>

Bobbie Carlton

Founder, Innovation Women

(@WomenInnoBobbie Carlton is the founder of Innovation Women, an online “visibility” bureau, helping drive visibility for entrepreneurial, technical and innovative women through speaking engagements. Innovation Women helps connect event managers with awesome female speakers, thought leaders and subject matter experts, Read More >>

Amy Eller

Cofounder, GreenToGo

Amy Eller is the Chair of the Board of Don’t Waste Durham and a co-founder of GreenToGo, the reusable takeout container program launched by the non-profit in 2017. Amy has a 15 year marketing background in both the food and beverage industry and the social and environmental justice movement, bringing a passion for both good food and environmental conservation to the team at GreenToGo, Read More >>

Shaloo Garg

Global Innovation and Startup Ecosystem, Oracle

(@shalsgargShaloo Garg is an Oracle veteran with deep knowledge and exposure to various spectrums of technology and business units. She joined Oracle in Mergers/Acquisitions, and is now with Global Innovation and Startup Ecosystem at Oracle. As a Global Champion for Innovation at UNWomen, she is deeply involved with women and youth in technology, and facilitates the same through a variety of organizations throughout Silicon Valley. Read More >>

Sarah Glova

Founder and President, Reify Media

Dr. Sarah Glova is the founder of the award-winning digital media firm Reify Media. Her journey as an entrepreneur began when she started freelancing in 2009, which led her to officially launch Reify Media in 2012. After that, her company grew to over half a million in revenue after only three years. Sarah, who was 26 when she started Reify, continues to be the sole owner of the self-funded company, which has grown to seven employees, a team of contractors, and clients across the country. Read More >>

Kate Green

Senior Automation Engineer, Fugue

Kate Green is a senior software engineer at Fugue. She got her start with a 15 minute crash course in HTML during her freshman year of college. She honed her JS chops during the great AngularJS craze of 2013-2014. Read More >>

Lauren Hasson

Founder, DevelopHer

(@LaurenRHasson) Lauren Hasson is the Founder of DevelopHer, a career development platform for tech women by tech women, and a software engineer at a prominent Bay Area fintech company where she’s building their iOS SDK and working in information security. Her work has been featured in Apple keynotes, she was one of 100 top innovators invited to attend the UK G8 Innovation and Decide Now Act Summits with the United Nation’s technology council, Read More >>

Shannon Kreps

Director Product Marketing, 3D Results

(@skreps2000) Shannon is a strong product and technology solution evangelist with a passion for customer engagement. A seasoned expert in product marketing and management with a particular focus on data analytics, she has over 20 years in the software industry (how did that happen??). After attending and speaking at industry events across the globe, she truly believes that the best presentations don’t teach us facts and figures but inspire us to be better versions of ourselves.  Read More >>

Priyanka Komala

Technology Director, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

(@PriyankaKomalaA Rising Star finalist for the 18th Annual Women in Technology Leadership Awards, when Priyanka was five, she stepped on her first stage and gave an impromptu speech about an aeroplane. This excitement never left her as she went to become a distinguished speaker. Although she had followed the cultural expectation of getting a Masters to become an engineer and technologist, Priyanka knew she wanted to make a bigger impact. She wanted a seat at the table to help others, so she got her MBA. Read More >>

Maria Liberovsky

Developer and Educator, Duke University

Maria works on hardware and software projects at Duke, where she is a Developer and Educator. She is enthusiastic about effective and efficient software testing. Maria provides mentorship and training through several organizations focused on expanding the technical literacy of underrepresented groups in tech. Read More >>

Rachael Meleney

Director, RIoT Accelerator Program

Rachael Meleney is the director of the RIoT Accelerator Program (RAP), supporting IoT startups as part of RIoT’s broader mission of ecosystem development in the tech space. RIoT is a convener and connector across tech industries and sectors, initiating collaborations and resourcing IoT opportunities for companies large and small. Rachael drives accelerator curriculum, builds relationships in the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem, and supports RAP’s growing community of IoT startups. Read More >>

Erin Mullaney

Senior Web Developer, Erin Rachel Consulting, LLC

(@_erin_rachelGetting sick of your daily commute? Wish you could spend more time getting things done and less time sitting in meetings? Do you find yourself looking longingly out your office window, day dreaming about going for a walk on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon? If this sounds like you, becoming your own boss might be for you. Read More >>

Kathryn Rose

Founder, WiseHER

Kathryn Rose is a nationally sought-after digital marketing and sales strategist, personal branding expert, trainer, author and sought out speaker. For over 20 years, Kathryn has been keenly focused on developing, supporting, and connecting women to succeed in business. Kathryn is a fearless leader, true innovator and has demonstrated sales expertise across every channel platform. Read More >>

Shruthi Soora

Senior Staff Engineer, Wireless Research Center

Shruthi is a senior staff engineering consultant at the Wireless Research Center, a non-profit focused on economic development in the wireless sector. Read More >>

Jonell Wade

IoT Manager, Verizon

Jonell Wade is a Verizon HQ IoT Manager for the past 7 years. She has been with the organization for 20 years. Read More >>

Shelley Westman

Southeast Region Cybersecurity Leader, EY

(@ShelleyWestman) Shelley joined EY in September 2017 and leads cybersecurity for the Southeast Region. She has more than 19 years of corporate experience in cybersecurity, strategy, hardware, supply chain, operations and procurement. Read More >>