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Accessibility: Problems and Fixes

Hands-on Workshop -- A hand's on look at accessibility concerns on the web, with participants running through example sites with both good and bad accessibility to experience what some users have to struggle with daily. Short and long-term fixes will be demonstrated and taught, with the overall goal being that the participants leave knowing how to find and solve accessibility problems. If there is extra time at the end of the workshop, participants can ask questions about other accessibility concerns or be shown demonstrations in app and game accessibility issues.

Lindsey Dragun

Associate Full-Stack Developer, PBS

Accessing APIs with Python

Hands-on Workshop -- A hands-on workshop on how to access APIs with python. The workshop will contain a short lecture. Jupyter Notebooks and python scripts will be utilized to demonstrate various ways to access API data. Key takeaways will be an introductory exposure to APIs and some starter code for accessing them and downloading information. Talking points and presentation plan are provided below: Intro • Who you are, who am I APIs, an introduction (lecture) • What are APIs? • Where are APIs? • How do I access APIs? • What is the API giving me? APIs, hands-on (workshop) • RSS

Nicole Donnelly

Data Management IT Specialist, Office of the Chief Technology Officer, District of Columbia

Collaborative Relationships – your Cornerstone for Success in any organization

Innovate Yourself Track  --  Collaborative relationships have become the cornerstone for success in any organization: non profit, for profit, governments, education. It doesn't matter what type of organization, or what role you have in the organization -- your ability to build collaborative influential relationships is critical to your success. In this session, you will learn: Critical success factors for your own individual influence The tie between emotional intelligence and collaboration How we as women seize our power and influence The science behind collaborative business relationships

Theresa Caragol

TCC (Theresa Caragol Consulting)

DevOps: What’s all the hype about?

Trends in Technology track -- Is DevOps the latest tech temporary buzz word or is it a permanent change in the way technology teams deliver for their customer?  The answer will be discussed in this session.  If you merge traditional application development teams with the highly complex operations side of technology a beautiful thing could be born if executed correctly.  DevOps impacts not only technology and process, but the people doing the work.  This session will provide an overview of DevOps and how to ensure your organization is prepared for the journey.

Tia White

Sr. Technology Manager, Capital One

Get on Stage – Tips, Tricks & Insights to Build Your Identity as a Technology Leader

Innovate Yourself Track -- We all have an area of expertise and/or a story to share. One way we change the gender balance in tech is to get more women on stage sharing their experience and expertise. Building your identity as a leader in technology would enhance your credibility at your work place and community no matter if your audience is your 5 person team or an audience of 500. If you have ever thought about speaking or already are a speaker who wants to up her game or just want to learn more about developing these important skills, we have

Theresa Caragol

TCC (Theresa Caragol Consulting)

Mayra Ruiz McPherson

Sr. Digital Strategist, Ruiz McPherson Communications

Priyanka Komala

Technology Director, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

Valerie Woolard Srinivasan

Software Engineer, Panoply

Ideas, Money, People: what we learned as female entrepreneurs

Innovate Yourself Track -- We all have an idea somewhere inside of us. In this session you will hear from four successful entrepreneurs who were bold enough to dream and brave enough to take action. Hear first hand how ideas, money, and people influenced their journey through both good times and hard times. The panelists will share practical tips for how to navigate the world of entrepreneurship. This is designed to be an inspiring, candid, and action focused session.

Courtney Klein

Co-Founder & CEO, SEED SPOT

Danielle Tate

Founder & CEO, MissNowMrs.com

Erin Horne McKinney

CoFounder, Black Female Founders (#BFF) & KissIntel

Anne Balduzzi

Founder, SameGrain

Intro into Hybrid Mobile Applications : Ionic 2

Hands-on Workshop -- Demonstrate how powerful Ionic is as a tool for mobile and web applications. As a web developer mobile applications can sometimes seem like a very daunting task. Ionic 2 works on top of Angular 2 to deliver powerful and robust applications. Attendees will learn to install ionic and set up and run a sample project. Key Takeaways - Introduction to the Ionic framework - learn how to create a web and mobile application with one codebase

Anita Hall

Developer, The Washington Post

Intro to Digital Forensics

Hands-on Workshop -- Curious about what computer forensic examiners do? We will walk through a sample "case" and discuss common Windows forensic artifacts. Open source tools will be demonstrated and students will have the opportunity to try their hand at tracking the attack through examining tool output. We will also discuss career paths including law enforcement work and where to get more training. Key Takeaways: Investigation basics, locations of a few core artifacts and what they do, practice with industry tools used to image machines and examine artifacts, and how to learn more.

Ashley Holtz

Senior Services Engineer, Crowdstrike

Smart Locally. Smart Globally.

Trends in Technology track -- Archana will discuss the massive opportunity cities have to collaborate and work together to develop not just smarter cities, but a smarter connected world. And how this vision is becoming a reality through the District of Columbia’s collaborative #SmarterDC efforts.

Archana Vemulapalli

District of Columbia Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Staying a Woman in Tech

Innovate Yourself Track -- Getting into the tech industry is one thing, but staying is quite another. Many articles have been written about women leaving the tech field because of “a hostile culture, a sense of isolation or lack of a clear career path” (see http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-women-tech-20150222-story.html). In this panel we’ll talk with a few professionals in the tech field who are speaking from different times in their career path and find out how they managed to stick with the tech industry.

Jessica Bell

Developer, Washington Post

Tracey Welson-Rossman

CMO, Chariot Solutions; Founder, TechGirlz; Co-Founder, Women in Tech Summit

Angela Wong

Senior Product Analyst for Personalization, Big Data, and Data Science, The Washington Post

Khuloud Odeh

VP and CIO, IT, Urban Institute

Sydney Klein

Vice President, Information Security Officer, Capital One

The Super Human Art Of Predicting The Future

Innovate Yourself track -- What if you could predict the future? It may not be as impossible as it seems. In this exclusive talk, participants will learn five “non-obvious” habits to curate ideas and see what others miss. Based on his #1 best selling annual trend series read by more than half a million people online, Rohit Bhargava will also share some specific trends from his 6+ years of research that matter for your industry … along with highly actionable ideas for how to use them. Predicting the future is a learnable skill – and this keynote will reveal exactly

Rohit Bhargava

Founder & Chief Trend Curator, The Non-Obvious Company

Trends in Security: The State of Securing Our Evolving Digital Environment

Trends in Technology track --  Our adoption of new gadgets and apps that connect us to each other have blurred the lines between our digital lives and our physical reality. Organizations are no different.  The next-generation of businesses are increasingly sharing data. Our interconnected world creates unique challenges with how we maintain our integrity and privacy while continuing to advance. Patty Hatter explores the impact of rapid technology adoption on security and privacy, and opportunities these create for meaningful careers at the edge of today’s social and technological breakthroughs.

Patty Hatter

VP/GM – Professional Services, Intel Security

Who Run the World? Girls – Growing as a Leader & Supporting Each Other on the Way Up

CLOSING KEYNOTE -- Sometimes, it feels the more diversity boxes you check – gender, race, age, education level – the less chance you have to succeed in tech. Let’s flip the status quo together, as women in tech who are ready to defy assumptions and expectations. In 2016, 61 percent of Byte Back students were women, that’s 417 DC women who acquired digital literacy skills, earned software certifications, or got training to launch their careers in IT. As women in tech, let’s learn to lead and bring other women, like these amazing students, along with us.

Elizabeth Lindsey

Executive Director, Byte Back

Why We Need Your Point of View of the coming AI Revolution

Trends in Technology track -- Google's CEO thinks the future is AI, but if you look at the field it's notably absent of women. We'll go over the implications (3) and what we can collectively do about it (7 actions to take today). There will be short scenario exercises to illustrate the implications with audience participation. We will leave time at end for Q&A.

Jenn Hirsch

Global Technology Trend Scout, Ernst and Young