Elizabeth Lindsey

Elizabeth Lindsey is the Executive Director of Byte Back, a nonprofit improving economic opportunity by providing technology training and career preparation to underserved Washington, DC area residents. For 20 years, Byte Back’s programs have provided a pathway to tech skills, leading a diverse group of graduates to higher rates of self-confidence and successful careers.

Prior to joining Byte Back in 2015, Elizabeth served as the Chief Operating Officer of Groundswell. She worked in workforce development with the DC Department of Employment Services and with minority and women small business development with the New Jersey Department of Treasury. She earned her master’s in public affairs and urban and regional planning from Princeton University. Elizabeth serves on the Board of Directors of The Workplace DC and of the Goodwill Excel Center and is an Organizer for DC Tech Meetup, home to more than 18,000 in the DC tech community.

Elizabeth is dedicated to helping people feel empowered by technology and to opening doors to living-wage careers for thousands of people.