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The Women in Tech Summit (WITS), the only tech conference with all women speakers, provides education, inspiration, and connection to women in tech, in every field, in business and technical roles, at every level of their careers.

Working in tech is not just about coding. It’s about all aspects of your career, no matter what role you hold in tech or how you work with tech. Get support from the community of women working in technology. WITS paves the way with discussions about trending topics in tech, hands-on tech workshops, and information on thriving through your tech career.

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What you get when you attend:

  • A wide variety of hands-on workshops & discussions about trends in technology
  • Learn how to thrive through tech career phases
  • Lasting connections with women working in business and technical sides of technology

WITS is a program of the Inspiring Tech Foundation

The Inspiring Tech Foundation is a non-profit that believes everyone deserves the opportunity to explore all the possibilities in technology. The Inspiring Tech Foundation serves its mission through programs like the Women in Tech Summit (WITS) that are dedicated to educating, inspiring, and connecting underrepresented people in tech.

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