Becca Refford


Web Designer

Fiercely driven, wildly curious, and shamelessly goofy, Becca is an advocate for both women in tech and hands-on learning.

A member of TechGirlz’ leadership team since its founding, Becca served multiple roles within the org: from PHP website development, to marketing strategy, to directing the annual Entrepreneur Summer Camp. She was also a student intern at Chariot Solutions, where she learned web design and development under some excellent mentors. After her internship, she transitioned to a more design-focused position at Philly-based creative agency, CreativeMMS.

Nowadays, she builds beautiful WordPress sites for a variety of clients independently.

Personally, Becca is a creative soul with a giant weakness for ethnic food (the spicier the better!). You can find her lurking around art museums, talking long walks around Philly with her film camera in tow, training to powerlift, or going out and dancing for hours to techno.