You want to attend WITS. Now you just need to convince your boss to give you the time off, cover your expenses, or both.

Good news! We can help make that part easier.  Just copy, paste and personalize the below and submit it to the decision makers at your company.


Hi _________,

I’m interested in attending the Women in Tech Summit (WITS)  __(Region)___ on __(event date/s)__ in __(City)___ and would like your approval.

WITS is the only technical conference with all women speakers and has programming designed for women working in both technical and non-technical roles. WITS mission is to educate, inspire and connect women in tech working across a wide variety of roles and experience levels.

With its deliberately curated programming and diversity of attendee roles, WITS offers opportunities to interact directly with attendees from other areas of expertise, providing a unique learning and networking experience. 

Attending WITS will allow me to: 

  • Learn additional technical and non-technical skills that will make me a stronger contributor to our team
  • Connect with women at many levels of their careers doing many different types of work in tech
  • Be educated by leading women in a variety of technical fields  (Is there a specific speaker or topic that you want to attend or that is relevant to your organization? Be sure and note it)
  • Be inspired by the sessions on navigating careers in tech

As well as improving my own knowledge, creating business connections and learning about new markets and opportunities for the company, I will be able to share valuable takeaways and insights with the whole team to contribute to everyone’s success.

Here’s approximately how much it will cost for me to attend:

Event Registration:

Airfare / Travel:





Tickets for the summits sell out early, so please let me know by __(date)__ whether my request has been approved. Thank you! 

Your Name

**If you are looking to purchase Early Bird discount tickets for 2020, be sure and add this –  If I register now, I can save $_(difference between early bird and regular cost tickets)__