WITS 2024 Schedule Announcement

“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” – Walt Disney

It is unnecessary to remind everyone how much has changed in the last few years. WITS attendance and sponsorships have been deeply affected by the changes in the tech workforce and how people’s priorities and patterns have changed in conference and event attendance. 

So it is time for a change! 

We have spent a lot of time asking our community what it needs and wants. Two surveys, hundreds of hours of conversations, and lots of realistic discussions later, we are excited to unveil a reimagined version of the Women in Tech Summit. 

Welcome to WITS 2024!

In 2024, we will be bringing you more content in a restructured way that meets what the community has asked for from an education, inspiration, and connection experience. 

  • Summits – 
    • A larger version of the Women in Tech Summit in-person conferences for women-identifying, non-binary individuals, and their allies in all fields of technology, in technical and non-technical roles, at all levels of their careers. The traditional tracks of WITS – Innovate Yourself, Trends in Technology, and Hands-on Workshops – with new sub-tracks to focus content on deeper tech dives or identify content on career levels.
      • Spring 2024 Summit – May 2024 in Philadelphia 
      • Fall 2024 Summit – Dates and location to be announced
  • Twice Monthly Virtual Events – 
    • The quality speakers and panels you expect from WITS, on a regular basis! Twice a month we will bring you either an Innovate Yourself or a Trends in Technology session. 
  • Innovation Women and WITS Networking Road Show – 
    • Innovation Women and WITS are partnering to bring in-person networking events to multiple cities across the U.S. Watch the WITS and Innovation Women newsletters for cities and dates. 
  • Quarterly Deep Dives – 
    • Once a quarter, we are taking a deep dive into a topic relevant to you and your career with a hands-on workshop. These limited seat sessions will provide you with skills to innovate yourself and your career. 
  • Reinvigorated Slack Community
    • WITS Slack has been quiet for a while, but we are reviving it to give our world-wide community a place to “gather”, share tips, and support one another.
    • More information on joining the WITS Slack channel can be obtained via the WITS newsletter.   

Along with WITS new programs, there will be numerous other networking, community, and learning opportunities through our partner organizations.


Interested in being a part of WITS in 2024? 

  • As a Speaker? 
  • As a Sponsor? 
  • As a Volunteer?
    • WITS will have numerous new volunteer opportunities in 2024. Learn more here
  • As an attendee? 
    • We’d love to see you at WITS! Details on dates and ticketing will be released soon so watch your email. Not on the WITS email list? Join here


Change is never easy, but it is often the right thing to do.

So in keeping with these words “Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”  

We are excited to see all of you at these new WITS events in 2024.