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WITS will bring you either an Innovate Yourself or a Trends in Technology session.

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June 2024

June 17, join Emma Caselton, Founder at Cast Design & Strategy for Augmentality: The Future of the Body and Physical Augmentation

Renowned futurist Raymond Kurzweil predicted that “The only way for our species to keep pace will be… for our species to merge with its technology.”

Although the constant evolution of technology – not least advances in AI – makes this seem inevitable, this sci-fi mental image doesn’t reflect the everyday world around us.

Interrogating these assumptions, Augmentality is a presentation outlining what we can learn from people that, through choice or necessity, are already living with physical augmentations. Building from design ethnography with 14 augmented people and an immersion into tech for the body, this presentation interrogates the real world of human-tech fusion.

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February 2024

February 20, 2024                                                          February 29, 2024

Feb 20th, join Alana Esty, Sr. Analyst at Ontario Health for Breaking Into the Health Tech Space

Learn about a typical day in the life of someone working in the health informatics field and the key skills for the roles.

Interested in learning more about how you can pivot your career from healthcare to tech? In this workshop, I will provide context on a typical day in the life of someone working in the health informatics field, as a healthcare data analyst, and will highlight key technical and soft skills used in this role. I will then review common skills outlined in job descriptions and go over some popular interview questions and tips on how to format your resume, to improve your chances of getting your dream role!   Register Here

Feb 29th, join Tif Smith, Cloud Security Developer at Secberus for Protecting Your Personal Information In the Age of AI

Hear about how to protect your personal information in the era of AI.

During this presentation, Tif Smith, Cloud Security Developer at Secberus, will explain what AI is, provide examples from popular culture, talk about how to safeguard your personal information, and advise on how to prevent ChatGPT from saving your search history.  Register Here


January 2024

Best intentions: Goal-setting that actually feels good

  • A new year comes with a fresh set of hopes. But too often, the goals we set feel like more punishing than purposeful. When every step forward feels like a slog, it’s no wonder we give up. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In this session, leadership coach Jen Dionisio will show you new ways of approaching goal-setting that focus more on the journey than the destination—letting your goals be a catalyst for creativity, instead of a rulebook to follow.
  • Speaker:  Jen Dionisio – Director of Coaching Programs, Active Voice

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