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A podcast sharing insights, innovations and inspiration from the award-winning Women in Tech Summit

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On the WITS & Wisdom podcast, we are looking to chat with members of the WITS community about their journeys in tech, the amazing tech they are building, and lessons they’ve learned from their experiences. If you are interested in being a guest on the WITS & Wisdom podcast, please complete this form.

EPISODE 6 – Author, Speaker, Problem-Solver: Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up, with Lauren Maffeo   Apple Podcast / Spotify

In this episode, Gloria chats with author & service designer Lauren Maffeo about her new book Designing Data Governance from the Ground Up. The two compare notes on where Lauren is today vs her last WITS appearance four years ago, reflect on what makes criticism constructive, and lean into why data governance matters to more people than you might think

EPISODE 5 – Your Audience is There for Your: Expert Advice for First Time WITS Speakers – Pamela Sams   Apple Podcast / Spotify

In this episode recorded live at WITS Midatlantic, Gloria talks shop with Pamela Sams, financial advisor, about how her wealth of speaking experience served her in her Women In Tech Summit debut.

EPISODE 4 – Enough of an Expert to Be Dangerous: Isabelle Kent.             Apple Podcast / Spotify 

In this episode, Gloria reconnects with Isabelle Kent, CEO of Philly Startup Leaders, to get to grips with the wealth of programming they have to offer, and the winding path of exploration that led Isabelle to the helm of PSL amid the pandemic. 

EPISODE 3 – Contributing to Careers: Why Support WITS?                      Apple Podcast / Spotify

In this episode, host Gloria Bell connects with long-time colleague and Inspiring Tech Foundation board member, Amy Cliett to discuss the lasting impacts made by WITS sponsors, and the role the summit plays in advancing the careers of women in tech.  

EPISODE 2 – Cultivating Community: Why Attend WITS?                          Apple Podcast / Spotify

In this episode, host Gloria Bell connects with CEO of Philly Startup Leaders, and long-time Philly friend, Isabelle Kent to discuss the ways the Women In Tech Summit creates a space for connection & growth, and who should take advantage of it.

EPISODE 1 – Creating Connections: Why Speak at WITS?                       Apple Podcast / Spotify

In this episode, host Gloria Bell re-unites with regular WITS speaker—and Inspiring Tech Foundation board member—Bobbie Carlton. As an expert public speaker, Bobbie gives insight to why WITS is a great opportunity for speakers at all stages of their career, and why more women should consider speaking as an avenue for career advancement.