WITS Wherever – Bring the Women in Tech Summit Experience to Your Organization

Work with WITS to hold your own internal, or public, Women in Tech Summit-style event by choosing which service(s) you most need: 

  • Consulting on programming
  • Assistance with sourcing and managing speakers – internally or externally
  • Full event management

Whether you are an education institution, a company, a non-profit or some other group, the award-winning team at WITS provides services that help you bring the quality of their programming directly to the women and non-binary individuals in tech and allies associated with your organization.


Education Institutions: 

Work with us to create experiences that include: 

  • Panels with your faculty and our network of speakers
  • Speakers on the hottest trends in tech
  • Advice for entering the tech space
  • Sessions for students on what stands out on resumes from hiring managers in tech

Higher education is a competitive arena. A WITS-style conference will: 

  • Help you to stand out in a crowded space and highlight your tech programs
  • Attract more diversity to your computer science departments
  • Keep your faculty up to date with new technology 
  • Prepare your students with what they need to know when entering the tech workplace
  • Experiences that create connections with professionals in the tech field


Companies / Organizations: 

Can’t bring all the women in your organization to WITS, we can help you bring the Women in Tech Summit to the women and non-binary individuals and allies working at your organization.

Your own women in tech summit can help with 

  • employee retention 
  • employee attraction 
  • employee skills growth 
  • employee professional development

Support and supplement your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives with your own Women in Tech Summit curated by the award-winning WITS team. 

  • Want to hold or amplify your own internal women in tech event or group? We can help your company/organization provide superior programming targeted to your specific audience.
  • Hold it as a separate event, an add-on to your external or internal conference, at your all-hands meeting, or as an internal speaker series
  • We can help you develop content that includes speakers from within your organization, help you source speakers from outside your organization, or help you with planning your entire event.


Review this deck for more information on the WITS Wherever program and pricing. 

Contact us at  consulting@womenintechsummit.com

to discuss how the award-winning WITS team can use our experience and expertise to help bring a quality education, inspiration, and connection experience to the women and non-binary individuals, and allies in tech at your organization.